3 Common Questions Asked About Metal Roofing

3 Common Questions Asked About Metal Roofing

3 Common Questions Asked About Metal Roofing

What are the most common questions asked about metal roofing? If you want to keep your roofing search efficient, learning the essentials of any material is critical. Our close look at the common metal roof questions below will help you prepare the best roofing installation for your home.

What Are My Aesthetic Options?

Some shoppers know the performance attributes of metal roofing, but not everyone is privy to the style options. First, your color options for any given metal roof style are diverse to serve various visual palettes, so don’t assume there’s a right or wrong way to color your roof. Find the shade that captures the vision your desire.

Secondly, don’t forget about the texture because that can have a powerful effect on aesthetics. For instance, rustic shingles mimic the texture of wood. Expand your creative opportunities by exploring all the designs available from the contractor.

How Long Will It Last?

Another common question asked about metal roofing is how long it will last after the installation. This question is understandable because longevity is a key component of metal roofing’s reputation.

You should consult with your roofer about how long the finish or materials are warranted; a properly installed metal roof will last more than 50 years without experiencing issues. However, how long your roof lasts ultimately comes down to factors like material quality and installation techniques, so make sure you hire the right professionals to handle the job.

Can It Handle Fires Safely?

It’s always important to know your roof’s defense capabilities so that you can prepare appropriately. For example, it’s common to ask if metal roofs will handle fires safely since they’re such a hazard with wood or asphalt shingles. Even if your home isn’t the source of the fire, sparks in the air can ignite your roof unless you use the right materials.

Our experts at McCarthy Metal Roofing install metal roofs that won’t be ignited by sparks from nearby fires. Rest assured that prevention solutions are available. Always ask your contractor before the installation to ensure you know what they’re guaranteeing in terms of fire defense. If it sounds like a suitable solution for your home, thanks to your new knowledge on the subject, you can schedule a residential metal roof installation today.