A Brief Guide on How To Choose a Metal Roof

A Brief Guide on How To Choose a Metal Roof

A Brief Guide on How To Choose a Metal Roof

Even if you know the benefits of metal roofing, from energy efficiency to long lifespan, there’s still more to learn. But don’t worry; you don’t have to attend a summer class to discover the metal roofing basics. Instead, a brief guide on how to choose a metal roof like the one below will help you take the proper steps.

Understanding the Materials

To understand what you should expect from your roof’s performance, you should know beforehand what you’re investing in, including the type of metal. In other words, you must ask the metal roofing company what materials they offer. Quality metal roofing can be aluminum, copper, or steel. All are excellent options.

Aluminum and copper are naturally rust resistant, unlike steel. That said, metal roofing experts can outfit steel with a protective coating that slows the rusting process of steel. Likewise, knowing the best industry finishes will help you learn about your potential new roof.

Manufacturers offer various finishes, such as polyester, siliconized modified polyester (SMP) and Kynar/Hylar finishes. All provide a protective coating, but there are advantages and disadvantages to each.

Functionality and Creativity

When choosing a new roof, homeowners can get a balance between functionality and creativity. For instance, you can find Oxford metal shingles available in many colors, from vibrant red to elegant black and more.

Likewise, the Kynar 500 finishes don’t hinder appearances. Instead, these finishes help the roof retain its beauty over many years.

So, when perusing your roofing options, consider your aesthetic preferences. Additionally, don’t feel like you must settle for quality performance over appearance or vice versa.

Finding a Contractor

One of the top details that any guide on how to choose a metal roof must cover is finding a suitable contractor to install the materials. Equally important, is finding a certified contractor.

That said, homeowners should research the contractor’s previous work. Are the customers happy with their final product? Did they have a good experience working with the contractor? Learning about a professional’s reputation is invaluable for any home construction project.

Additionally, a metal roofing installation requires a skilled professional, so avoid hiring someone who doesn’t have experience in metal roofing. Hiring a specialist for the job will minimize the chances of simple mistakes ruining the roof.

Warranty and Insurance

Finally, inquire about insurance coverage and warranty options before hiring metal roof installers. For example, the manufacturer’s material warranty and the installation team’s workmanship warranty are two essential documents that can protect your investment.

Investigating the contractor’s insurance coverage will provide similar assistance, particularly worker’s compensation and general liability plans. Now, if you’re ready to put this information into action, get a quote today and start planning for your roof.