A New Series: Buying a Metal Roof for Your NC Home

A New Series: Buying a Metal Roof for Your NC Home

Selecting and purchasing a new roof for your North Carolina home is a significant event for any homeowner. Those homeowners who do their research and have good information available to them are the ones who end up making wise investment choices when it comes to roofing. Here’s the first post in a new series that explores some of the concerns which arise during the roof decision process.

1 : Proper Installation of Your New Roof

As is the case with any building material, metal roofing must be properly installed in order to be successful. Homeowners are encouraged to fully investigate both the metal roofing materials they are considering and the contractors they are considering for installing those materials. This investigation should include looking at past jobs and talking with past customers. If the manufacturer and/or the contractor are unwilling or unable to share information with you concerning proper installation procedures, it might be wise to find different suppliers. Check also for proper insurances and licenses and make sure that the crew that will be installing your roof is the same crew that was on the reference jobs you visited.

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Next up in the Buying A Metal Roof Series: Installing Over Existing Roofing Materials