You always have a sustainable roofing choice, right?


You always have a sustainable roofing choice, right?

We can make sustainable choices in the autos we purchase and how we use or collect energy for our homes. Do you know you can make a sustainable roofing choice?

The very least sustainable roofing choice is asphalt. 

The most stainable choice in roofing is metal. 

How do Asphalt Roofs Compare with a McCarthy Metal Roof?

Landfill vs. Recycling

Once you tear off the old roof, it joins the other 13 million tons of shingle waste. Companies are developing asphalt shingles with recycled content, but they don’t complete the recycling loop.

Made from recycled material and recyclable at the end of its life, metal roofing closes the recycling loop. Our aluminum roofing is 99% recycled material (soda cans, scrap metal, etc.) and fully recyclable if replaced. 

A Hot Roof vs. A Cool Roof

Asphalt struggles in the heat, absorbing it into your home. It bleaches out from UV exposure and disintegrates over time.

All our products have a Kynar 500®/Hylar 5000® PVDF coating that reflects heat, lowers home temperatures, and reduces the load on air conditioning. In addition, our advanced finishes save you up to 20% on energy bills.

Solar Installation Costs and Performance

Asphalt roofs are attached with nails. These temporary roofs require the additional drilling of holes for securing your solar panels. When those solar panels must be removed for replacement, the entire roof will need to be replaced as well.

Our metal roofing products are designed and installed for solar panel installations and will outlast the life of the solar panels. So when it’s time to replace your solar array, your roof will continue to provide an excellent base for years and years to come.

A Weighty Comparison

Asphalt weighs more than tile and slate, requiring structural inspection before installation.

A metal roof’s lighter weight is easier on building, causing less strain.

Metal roofing is lighter than asphalt, so it costs less to transport and, in some cases, can be installed over old asphalt shingles. This roof-over process will save you money in tear-off costs, and your old roof doesn’t end up in a landfill.

Make a Sustainable Roofing Choice

Asphalt roofing harms the environment, adds to landfills daily, doesn’t integrate well with solar, and contains no recycled material.

Metal is fully recyclable, made from recycled material, reduces energy consumption, reduces shingle waste, and facilitates solar panels. Metal roofing reflects heat and, with advanced coatings, retains its color for years. 

We’re here to help you find the best, sustainable roofing solution for your home. Contact us today for a better, greener future with a better roof.