DIY Metal Roofing

A valuable option for the handy homeowner

If you’re a handy homeowner that loves tackling construction projects at your residence, McCarthy Metal Roofing can help. We are proud to offer a Do-It-Yourself program, in which you, the homeowner, install the metal roof yourself. We have the knowledge and experience to not only expertly install metal roofs, but also to teach homeowners how to do the same. Our DIY metal roofs in North Carolina can help you save 50 percent off the cost of having a metal roof installed.

Our Do-It-Yourself metal roof program puts you in charge of your metal roofing installation, and we’ll provide you with all the training, materials, and support necessary to ensure an accurate installation at your home.

Call (919) 900-1100 or complete the form below to request a seat at an upcoming DIY Seminar from McCarthy Metal Roofs.

Our DIY program includes:

Video Training

You’ll receive step-by-step video training, where every stage of the DIY metal roofing installation has been documented, filmed, and explained in everyday terms.

Quality Materials

We’ll sell you the supplies necessary for your installation. You’ll choose styles and colors, ensuring the perfect match for your home and design tastes.

Full Support

Whether you choose to use our 800 support line or have an expert installer on-site to provide assistance, we’re there for you every step of the way.