Autumn is the Perfect Time to Make Your North Carolina Home More Energy Efficient and Environmentally-Friendly

Autumn is here in North Carolina, and cooler temperatures soon will be the norm. As that happens, you will likely find yourself indoors more often, unable to spend much time working on the outside of your home. That creates the perfect situation for focusing on making the interior of your home more energy efficient and environmentally-friendly. Here are a few tips on ways to make your home more “green” – from the inside!

  • Approximately half of your home’s energy consumption is for heating and cooling. Autumn is the perfect time to save by delaying turning on your furnace for an extra few days and then cutting it back a degree or two from your usual winter setting. Also, be sure to have your furnace checked by a professional to make sure it is operating safely and efficiently.
  • By putting aerators on all of your faucets and installing low-flow toilets, you can reduce your water consumption by 50% or even more.
  • It seems like we all like to complain about the “new” light bulbs but, fact is, they save considerable energy and, when used properly, they last a long time. Make a commitment now to switch to the new bulbs when your old ones burn out.

Next week, we’ll continue this topic, giving you 3 more ideas for making and keeping your home energy efficient. And, as always, we are here as your local metal roofing experts to answer your roofing and ventilation questions. You can email us, or call us at 919-900-1100, or visit us on the web.