Metal Roofing Contractors in Burlington, NC

Our metal roofing contractors in Burlington, NC, are ready to help you find the best long-term, resilient roofing solution for your home. Properly installing high-quality metal roofs, whether rustic shingle or ClickLock standing seam, requires the hand of trained, knowledgeable experts. For this reason, we put your roof only in the hands of experts who undergo thorough training and continuing education, ensuring they’re always ready to install your roof with the care and craftsmanship it deserves.

By putting your project in the hands of skilled metal roofing professionals, you can experience the many benefits of this long-lasting roofing solution. For example, a professionally installed, high-quality metal roof can withstand the elements without a scratch. Whether it’s raining or hailing outside in Burlington, a metal roof will remain stunning and damage-free. Plus, heavy winds won’t send metal shingles flying; they’ll stay intact and protect your home from the elements.

However, its durability isn’t the only factor that helps metal roofing give homeowners peace of mind. Moreover, homeowners can enjoy the benefits of metal roofing without worrying about maintenance when you trust our experienced roofers to install or repair a metal roof on your Burlington home or business. Whereas some roofing materials require consistent upkeep throughout the years, metal roofs deliver a hassle-free, maintenance-free experience.

Homeowners who prefer an eco-friendly lifestyle from a local roofing company can also turn to metal roofing as an excellent addition to their homes. For instance, metal roofing easily reflects the sun’s UV rays, preventing them from excessively heating your home on hot days and ensuring you don’t have to keep adjusting your A/C to accommodate.

These roofs will also last many decades, so you won’t have to take them down and toss them in a landfill anytime soon. In addition, if you’re installing a metal roof to replace an older material like asphalt shingles, you typically don’t have to throw away the previous material, either. Ask our metal roofers in Burlington, NC, about installing metal roofs over existing materials to discuss whether it’s the best approach for your home. When you’re ready to receive a quote, don’t hesitate to call our team of metal roofing contractors at McCarthy Metal Roofing to upgrade your Burlington home or business.