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The Home Improvement season is here, accompanied by the most active Home Buying season for North Carolina residents.

The Right Roof for an Old House

Whether renewing your existing home’s roof or contemplating the purchase of an older home, here are 3 great reasons to consider a metal roof for the protection of your family and investment:

  1. A metal roof from McCarthy Metal Roofing offers extended protection from the elements with a lifetime warranty
  2. The sooner you invest in a permanent metal roof, the longer you will be insulated from future replacement costs, maintenance costs, while increasing the value of your home. Many financing options are available so you can begin reaping the rewards today.
  3. We can help you find the right style, and color of metal roof for your ranch, bi-level, four-square, colonial, mid-century modern…. and whatever the architectural design, size, and location your home or new-to-you dwelling require.

The Right Roof for a New House

When you’re ready to build a home, our metal roofing products offer superior new construction benefits for urban, suburban and rural building projects.

  1. Here are 3 of the many reasons our metal roofing products enhance any new home construction project: Our unique and exclusive designs work well with in-fill projects, suburban community developments, and rural homes. We can help you make sure that your home both blends in and stands out with expert design assistance.
  2. Build the protection, worry-free maintenance and lifetime warranty of a Classic Metal Roofing System from  McCarthy Metal Roofing into your new home’s financing; once and done.
  3. Your home will immediately gain differentiation in a planned community of similar homes and will provide curb appeal and increased home value, no matter the location.

Building a new house? You can read about our special assistance for new construction projects here.

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