Buying a Metal Roof Part 2: Installing Over Existing Roofing Materials

Buying a Metal Roof Part 2: Installing Over Existing Roofing Materials

Here’s an important consideration for our North Carolina environment: due to their very low weight, many metal roofs can be installed over existing roofing materials.

This is particularly the case when going over old composition shingles. Additionally, the formation of many of the heavily profiled shake and tile profiles of metal roofing can even permit installation over wood shingles or wood shakes.

Before deciding to install over an existing roof, the manufacturer or an experienced contractor must be consulted, as weight is not the only issue. In many cases, building codes prohibit more than two layers of roofing, although building inspectors have been known to waive that restriction for metal roof layover installations. If there is an existing weight problem with the structure or if there is question as to the integrity of the structure or roof decking, those issues must be addressed before installing over the existing shingles.

In some cases, particularly with wood shingles and shakes, the old roofing must be removed from the edge perimeter of the roof and even the lumber can be removed and replaced with fresh lumber before proceeding with the roof installation.

Metal can also sometimes be installed over existing slate and asbestos slate roofs though, again, the manufacturer or an experienced contractor should be consulted. Existing tile roofs and, in most cases, existing metal roofs, need to be removed prior to installation of the new roof.

As a quality, local contractor installing Classic Metal Roofing Systems, you can count on McCarthy Metal Roofing to provide expert advice on putting a metal roof on your North Carolina home, and having a positive impact on the environment.

Let’s take a look at 3 “wins” for the environment with a metal roofing system:

1. A quality metal roofing system can allow for installation over existing roofing materials. That means no tear-off and no additions to our landfills.

2. A quality metal roofing system is made of recycled materials, and is completely recyclable.

3. A quality metal roofing system can lower energy bills in the warm months.

We encourage you to become an educated consumer, and learn more about the sustainability of a Classic Metal Roofing System.

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