Buying a Metal Roof Part 4: Ventilation

In most cases, metal roofing does not increase the need for attic ventilation in your North Carolina home. However, it also doesn’t decrease it. Homes are built more airtight today than ever before. This is results in moisture getting trapped inside the house. This moisture generally migrates to the attic and needs to be exhausted year-round, as does the excessive attic heat which can build during the summer months. The most proven method of venting is a combination of soffit vents and a roof ridge vent. Most metal roof systems will offer some sort of ridge vent option. If moisture is not vented from an attic, unhealthy and damaging conditions including mold and rot can occur.

In the rare instances when structural metal roofing (i.e., metal roofing that is installed over purlin or lathe rather than solid decking) is used on a residential-scale building, good ventilation is critical to prevent the collection of condensation on the exposed bottom side of the roofing panels.

Keeping your home well ventilated is important…especially in the changing weather we experience in the Triangle Area of North Carolina.

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