Buying a Metal Roof Part 7: Energy Efficiency and Environmental Impact

Buying a Metal Roof Part 7: Energy Efficiency and Environmental Impact

In North Carolina, energy savings and environmental sustainability are important parts of any purchasing decision; a metal roof decision for your home is significant  on both counts.

Metal roofing is increasingly being recognized for its many “green” benefits. The durability of metal roofing makes it a very sustainable product. Additionally, should it ever need to be removed in the future, it is 100% recyclable. Most metals used in roofing have very high initial recycled content. This is as high as 95% with aluminum, and lower with other metals. The production of metal from recycled stock also has very low embodied energy in comparison to producing metal from original ores.

With the onset of various “cool roofing” initiatives in the country, metal is being recognized for its ability to keep buildings cooler in hot weather. This is done through a combination of reflectivity and emissivity, often enhanced by coatings on metal roofing. Additionally, shake, shingle, and tile profile metal roofing products have minimal contact with the home’s structure, blocking heat transfer by conduction as well.

Finally, the ability to install metal roofing over old roofing materials means that landfills are not being burdened with the old roofing.

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