Buying a New Roof for Your North Carolina Home Part 8: Choosing a Contractor and Signing the Contract


Several important, final steps in choosing a contractor, as well as the things that should be in the contract for your new roof, are discussed in this video brought to you by

Todd Miller provides detailed information on researching the contractor and the many, specific items that the contract for your new roof should contain. Investing 9 minutes in the viewing of this video could save you money and frustration.


Just a few important points from the video:

  • Before signing a contract, ensure that you have copies of all appropriate documents relating to licensing and insurance, and check any association or certifications for the roofing contractor.
  • Work on your new roof should not begin until you have approved a thorough contract.
  • At the end of the project, you should receive 2 warranties: one for materials/product and one for workmanship.

At McCarthy Metal Roofing Systems, we encourage you to protect your home with a fine quality, professionally installed roof.  If we can be of assistance to you as you research a new roof for your North Carolina home, business, or house of worship, please contact us.