Celebrating 50 Years of Rustic Shingle: Controlling Roofing Cost

Celebrating 50 Years of Rustic Shingle: Controlling Roofing Cost

This week, we’re featuring an article by Todd Miller of Classic Metal Roofing Systems, as we celebrate a great roofing shingle that can help you control roofing cost. Here it is:

“Where were you 50 years ago? One of our flagship products, Rustic Shingle aluminum shake roofing, was in its “toddler years” at the time, having been introduced by Kaiser Aluminum in 1959. Over the years, this product has been unchanged except for taking advantage of advancements in coating technology. Very few products are so well engineered as to have lasted unchanged for that many years. The folks at Kaiser did a great job and their work has been copied much over the years. Many other roofing products, after 10 or so years of field exposure, seem to result in class action lawsuits, but not so with Rustic Shingle and its proven benefits.

But, while our products can help you control the cost of maintaining your home, there is little any of us can do about the increased cost of living. Things keep getting more expensive all of the time. In fact, roofing products as a whole double in price about every ten years, greatly benefiting homeowners who purchase long term roofs and can take themselves out of the vicious and costly re-roofing cycle.

All of this discussion has made us wonder – how much have things gone up in price over the years? Below are a few interesting and thought-provoking examples of how you really can’t control the cost of living:

  • Mr. Potato Head: 60 years ago, this iconic figure cost about 98 cents. Today, with a much expanded selection of options, his base cost is around $15 but it may cost you extra to pack his “angry eyes.”
  • McDonald’s Cheeseburger: 50 years ago, you could dine on this delicacy for 20 cents. Today, it will set you back about a buck.
  • A trip to the movies: 50 years ago, this was around 75 cents. Today, it will usually cost from $8 – 10, and that’s before you spend another $10 on soda and a large tub of popcorn!
  • Higher Education: In 1960, a year at the University of Pennsylvania was around $1,250. Today, with housing, expect that to come in around $62,000.
  • A Gallon of Gas: Around 32 cents 50 years ago. Today, it’s a moving target but expect it to be 11 – 12 times that cost.
  • Vespa Motor Scooter: 50 years ago, this trendy vehicle would have set you back around $320. Today, expect it to be around $6500, but you could pay even more than that if you want a restored 1963 model!
  • Sunday New York Times: Around 25 cents in the earlier 60’s and around $6 today.

Again, there is not much you can do to control the cost of living. But we’d love the opportunity to help you control the cost of maintaining your home with a beautiful new Classic Roof. Throw in the ongoing energy savings, and maybe we can help you control the cost of living!

Feel free to contact McCarthy Metal Roofing Systems of North Carolina with your questions;  you can always call 919-900-1100 and speak to one of their friendly roofing professionals.”

Thanks, Todd. We look forward to the next 50 years of beautiful, metal roofing here in the heart of North Carolina.