Choosing a Metal Roof Color Based on Your Home

Choosing a Metal Roof Color Based on Your Home

Choosing a Metal Roof Color Based on Your Home

Metal roofing style options are eclectic, from Oxford shingle to standing seam and beyond. Once you find a style that fits your home, you can start browsing the various colors available. Taking inspiration from your home’s existing colors is one way to approach this, but how do you choose the right hue? Learn some essential tips for choosing a metal roof color based on your home with the help of our guide below.

There’s No Right or Wrong

As we’ll discuss below, metal roofs come with protective finishes, and these finishes are available in an extensive list of colors. Whether you want the roof to be vibrant or subtle, you’ll find a match. Moreover, when it comes to choosing the specific color for your home, the options are vast, with hues including red, blue, brown, black, white, and more.

The most important point to remember about basing your metal roof’s color off your home is that the decision comes down to your preferences. Therefore, take a look at your home’s exterior and think to yourself: What color will look best on the roof? Then, you can start your search from there.

Inquire About Finishes

Choosing a metal roof color based on your home is a personal choice, but it does offer an opportunity to learn more about your roof’s defensive capabilities. After all, the finish will not only protect your roof but also prevent the roof’s color from fading over time, thanks to reliable options such as Kynar 500. Once you choose a color you prefer, consider asking the roofing company about the finishes it uses to learn exactly how they can keep the materials safe.

Shop for Reliable Contractors

Speaking of roofing companies, take the time to ensure you’re working with a reliable service provider. Online reviews will help you learn what other customers thought of the materials and the craftsmanship. Likewise, asking about insurance and licenses helps you learn whether you’re working with a reputable contractor. When it comes to metal roofing color, asking the contractor for proof of previous work will be the most helpful tip.

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