Standing Seam Metal Roofing: Why Concealed Fasteners Matter and More

Clicklock - Color Forest Green

So, why is it important that standing seam metal roofing has concealed fasteners? The reasons are various, but they all come down to performance. Our ClickLock standing seam metal roofing, with its mechanically seamed vertical panels and concealed fasteners, delivers superior protection and enhanced style to your rooftop:

Standing Seam with Superior Protection

  • Protection from wind uplifts
  • Protection from rust
  • Protection from expansions and contractions

Standing Seam with Enhanced Style

  • Clean lines
  • A true choice of colors
  • 12-inch residentially sized panels

Why Choose ClickLock over Other Metal Roofing?

The durability and architectural appeal of ClickLock are unmatched. However, it’s important to research the other differences between ClickLock mechanically seamed vertical panels and other types of seamed panels metal roofing.

What are the main types of traditional “barn” roofing in use today?

  • Exposed Fastener panels
  • Nail Hem panels
  • Snap-Lock panels
  • Mechanically Seamed panels

To assist you in your research here’s a great article from which details the 4 types of standing seam metal roofing available in North Carolina today.

If its time to re-roof, we’re here to help you find the very best roof for your home. Vertical panels, shake, or shingle style, we’ve got you covered with metal.