Cold Weather Roofing and Your North Carolina Home


Cold Weather Roofing and Your North Carolina Home

Let’s admit; we live in North Carolina because we love it here. Much as we enjoy the usually moderate climate, sometimes extreme weather comes to the Piedmont region. And it seems we have increasingly cold weather in the winter months.

Here are some of the challenges inherent in cold weather:

  1. It’s often hard and expensive to keep your home warm inside,
  2. Storms can damage your roof.
  3. Leaks form, damaging your attic and more of your home.
  4. Your asphalt roofing deteriorates even more quickly than expected.

You can eliminate each of these winter downsides with a McCarthy Metal Roof. How?

A McCarthy Metal Roof is a system that addresses attic ventilation, extreme temperatures, precipitation, and high winds:

  1. Your home’s heating systems run more efficiently.
  2. Interlocking panels and concealed fasteners make your roof secure.
  3. Proper installation and concealed fasteners protect your home from roof leaks.
  4. Our metal roofing stands up to the elements and is warranted for a lifetime.

You don’t have to wait for perfect weather to get our expert installation of a quality metal roof. We install metal roofing year-round…even in cold weather.

A new McCarthy Metal Roof protects your home from summer storms and the fall hurricane season. All while reducing your cooling costs in the warmer months.

Learn more about how we can protect and beautify your home without obligation or pressure.