Common Metal Roof Myths Debunked

Common Metal Roof Myths Debunked

Common Metal Roof Myths Debunked

Metal is a popular roofing material, but common myths cause some homeowners to question whether they should use it for their houses. As with any home building material, ensuring you have the perfect product is critical, so asking questions is good. Luckily, this guide will clarify a few misconceptions that you may have about this type of roofing. Below, you’ll find three common metal roof myths debunked.

Hail Dents

One frequent concern homeowners have with metal roofing is denting, particularly from hail. Homes in a hail-prone area need roofs capable of protecting them from the impacts of the falling ice. Various roofing materials are hail-resistant for several years, but none will retain that resistance as long as metal roofing does. Metal roofing passes impact tests with flying colors, earning the industry-leading U.L. 2218 Class IV rating. Some metal roofs have warranties that guarantee the hail, no matter what size, won’t perforate the roofing panels. In fact, metal roofing is the go-to choice for homeowners trying to prevent water damage from hail.

Lightning Strikes

Metal roofing withstands hail, but what about lightning? Homeowners frequently question whether their metal roofing will attract lightning during storms. This concern typically arises due to metal’s reputation for conducting electricity. Usually, lightning hits the highest object in the area, not the object containing the most metal.. Keep in mind that your home’s vulnerability to lightning strikes isn’t the result of owning a metal roof and poses no additional risks of a lightning strike.

Rusty Roofs

With two common metal roof myths debunked, let’s address one of the most prevalent misconceptions. When first learning about metal roofing, it’s not uncommon for homeowners to worry about rust. Thankfully, rust isn’t something you’ll have to fear when installing a high-quality metal roof. To keep the metal beautiful for upwards of 60 years, manufacturers choose the right finishes and metals to keep the roofing immune to this unwanted oxidation.  Although rust occurs on metal, not every metal accrues rust. For example, our Oxford metal shingles contain aluminum, which is a rust-resistant material.

As you can see from the points above, metal roofing withstands the elements, such as rain and wind, impressively. That said, you should partner with an experienced metal roofing expert for the installation. By working with a contractor who knows metal roofs and the local climate, you can find the perfect material for your home.