Corrugated Metal vs. Standing Seam Roofing: The Differences

Corrugated Metal vs. Standing Seam Roofing: The Differences

Corrugated Metal vs. Standing Seam Roofing: The Differences

Metal roofing can be invaluable to homes, but homeowners should be wary of what kind of metal roof they’re investing in. Corrugated metal roofing commonly goes by the names “exposed fastener,” “through-fastened,” or “screw-through” roofing. When comparing corrugated metal vs. standing seam roofing, the differences might not be apparent by appearance. However, this guide will breakdown how vastly disparate these two roofing options are.

When it comes to standing seam metal roofs, the fastener heads should never be openly exposed. Standing seams also utilize an interlock system that connects the metal panels together. Furthermore, the panels themselves don’t feature seams from the top to bottom. Exposed fastener metal panels, on the other hand, overlap each other horizontally across a rooftop.

Despite these facts, the biggest difference between standing seam and corrugated exposed fastener panels is the quality they guarantee. A high-quality metal roof should be maintenance-free, long-lasting, and energy-efficient, but you’re not going to be able to experience those benefits with exposed fastener panels.

First, the materials and finishes that are consistently used to create exposed fastener panels aren’t up to the standards of what’s used on other higher quality roofs. This might not sound like a major issue at first but keep in mind that those lesser materials and finishes can knock decades off the life expectancy of your metal roof.

Another major issue with exposed fastener panels is the fact that they’re covered with screw holes. These areas are susceptible to issues such as cracking or loosening due to an inability to safely adjust to thermal expansion or contraction. When your fasteners break in this situation, it can allow moisture to get inside the holes and cause further damage to the roof.

Likewise, if the screws are too loose, you’ll have to replace them with larger screws to keep the roof functional, or at least the closest thing to it. High-quality standing seam roofing, when expertly installed, will bypass those problems and instead provide the long-lasting, energy-efficient, and maintenance-free protection that homeowners should expect from a metal roofing system.

As you can see, when it comes to corrugated metal vs. standing seam roofing, the differences are far from minor. To put it simply, standing seam metal roofing is more worthy of your time and money than corrugated metal panels. At McCarthy Metal Roofing, we can provide standing seam roofing and a variety of other high-quality metal roofing in Durham, NC, for homeowners who are ready to make the upgrade.