Different Metal Roofing Styles for Homes

Different Metal Roofing Styles for Homes

Different Metal Roofing Styles for Homes

Although performance is a substantial factor to consider when buying metal roofs, aesthetics is crucial, too. Metal roofing comes in various styles, but not everyone is privy to how diverse these designs are today. Read this quick guide to the different metal roofing styles for homes if you want to learn more about the eclectic options available.

Country Manor Shake

Although made from metal, the titular roofing material can mimic the appearance of other materials. Hand-split wood shakes are beautiful roofing materials thanks to their natural, hand-crafted appearance. However, wood isn’t the most durable roofing material out there, as eye-catching as it looks.

Thankfully, Country Manor Shake is designed to mimic the appearance of hand-split wood shakes, while having the durability of metal roofing. This means you can bring that natural, hand-crafted aesthetic to your home without worrying about maintenance or environmental hazards.

Oxford Shingles

While the rustic appearance of Country Manor Shake can bring more character to your home, Oxford shingles deliver a simple yet beautifully sleek design. After all, every homeowner has their own aesthetic preferences, and the diverse metal roofing designs certainly accommodate that factor. Emulating the look of architectural shingles or slate, Oxford metal shingles are worth considering if you want a subtle but visually appealing metal roof at home.

Standing Seam

Another example of the different metal roofing styles for homes is standing seam. If you’re a homeowner who prefers a contemporary home design, then standing seam may meet your needs visually. The clean and unique appearance of standing seam roofs delivers a modern aesthetic, backed by the long-lasting performance of high-quality metal roofing.

Thankfully, although these three styles each bring something unique to the table, more metal roofing options are available. For example, our team can provide metal roofing in Durham, NC, including the three designs above, as well as many more. Browse the designs available today to find a metal roof that stands out to you.