Different Types of Residential Metal Roofs

Different Types of Residential Metal Roofs

Different Types of Residential Metal Roofs

Metal roofing is a prevalent roofing style, but there isn’t just one kind of metal roof. Take a look at the different types of residential metal roofs to start visualizing the possibilities for your home. As the list will show you, the opportunities ahead allow for ample creativity and performance combined in one package.

Different Materials

Before discussing different roofing styles, it’s important to know that you can choose various roof materials. For instance, you can buy a metal roof made from copper, aluminum, or steel. One key way in which these materials differ is their rust accrual. Copper and aluminum are non-ferrous, but that can’t be said for steel. Although manufacturers can take steps to strengthen the steel’s defenses with protective coatings, sustaining further damage can cause rust to appear on the steel roofing.

Standing Seam

Whereas metal Oxford shingles feature the classic square shape, the standing seam style features long, slim sections separated by standing seams. These raised seams are eye-catching and durable, bringing a contemporary aesthetic to the home. Although this design differs from Oxford shingles, a standing seam roof can still meet the prevalent expectations regarding metal roofs, such as strength and long lifespan.

Rustic Shingles

Rustic shingles are a very different type of residential metal roof than standing seams because they mimic the rough texture of real wood. Despite appearing like wooden shingles, rustic metal shingles will not fall victim to the common hazards that woods do, such as mold. Not only is mold common on wooden materials, but specifically around a home’s attic or roof areas. Despite this, some homeowners like the distinct texture of wood, so metal rustic shingles focus on mixing wood’s appearance with metal’s strength. Plus, when looking at the available metal roofs for residential homes, you can find them in shades of red and green, among more colors.

Rust shingles are energy efficient and long-lasting thanks to the workmanship and materials involved in the installation. Now that you see how eclectic a metal roof design can be, get a quote now and start your journey to building the perfect roof for you.