Earthquakes? Be Prepared. Light Roof Weight = Safety

This season, regretfully, marks the 1-year anniversary of a devastating earthquake and it’s aftermath in Japan. We’re still learning of the damage, lasting affects, and tragedies connected with that disaster. An earthquake of that magnitude is rare; but here in the U.S., we experience smaller earthquakes quite frequently.

With weights from 45 pounds for aluminum roofing up to a maximum of about 125 pounds (per 100 square feet), metal can be as little as 1/20th the weight of other roofing materials. It is generally the lowest weight roofing available. This can help protect the structure in the event of seismic activity when oftentimes homes are destroyed under the weight of heavy roofs. Additionally, metal’s low weight can be a positive for older structures as well.

If you’re living in an older, North Carolina home, or just want to be prepared for seismic activity in any area, include roof weight in your calculations for safety.