Is Every Vertical Seam Roof a Standing Seam Roof?

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Is Every Vertical Seam Roof a Standing Seam Roof?

Is every vertical seam a standing seam roof? The answer is no! Recent years have seen dramatic increase in the residential use of metal roofing. In fact, probably no single product class has seen greater growth in its use on homes than has metal roofing over the past ten or so years. That growth has been fueled in large part by the product’s green benefits. However, along with that growth has come a lot of misinformation and even misrepresentation. Learn the differences between standing versus vertical seam when you’re considering metal roofing for your North Carolina property.

One of the most common bits of misinformation out there is that any metal roof which has prominent vertical lines extending from the bottom, or eave, edge of the roof to the peak, or ridge, is “standing seam roofing.” Again, that is not the case. Not all vertical seam metal roofs are standing seam.

By definition, standing seam roofing has concealed fasteners and also it has built-in allowance for the expansion and contraction of the metal panels with temperature change. This is accomplished through the use of hidden fastening clips which are secured to the roof and hold the panels in place but yet still allow the panels to “float” with expansion. The way the panels are assembled, adjacent panels cover the clips and fasteners so there are no exposed fasteners.

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There is a hybrid version of this product which has a “nail hem” rather than clips. It uses slotted holes to allow for expansion of the metal and fasteners are covered by adjacent panels. This is a “nail hem” panel and not standing seam. Nail hem panels are notoriously prone to require very exacting installation in order to make sure that everything locks together properly. This is very difficult on some roofs and with some installation crews.

The remaining class of vertical roofing seam panels are “through-fastened” panels. These are also known by terms and names such as “exposed fastener,” “corrugated,” “channel drain,” “5V Crimp,” and “R Panel.” If you are wondering about the differences between 5V crimp versus standing seam, among the other classes of vertical roods, these products have exposed fasteners with rubber grommets. They also do not have any allowance for expansion and contraction. Over time, the rubber washers disintegrate and cause leaks, the screws back out, and the holes through the panels even become elongated due to the pressures of thermal movement. These products are not standing seam.

At McCarthy Metal Roofing, we install high quality, proven vertical seam metal roofing systems that are appropriate for residential roofing. While a roof with a bunch of exposed screws may be okay for a barn, we do not feel it is okay for your home!

Our focus is on installing metal roofs that don’t even look like metal roofs. We have shake, slate, and shingle profile products in metal that will retain your home’s original beauty while allowing you to upgrade to the durability and other benefits of metal roofing. We also offer a line of standing seam that is indeed a high quality proven and true standing seam system. Contact us to learn more about your vertical metal roofing options today!