Metal Roofing Contractors in Hillsborough, NC

Whether planned or due to sudden aging or damage, planning for a new roof is stressful. There are numerous choices to make throughout the entire process—from initially receiving quotes to picking products to final installation. At McCarthy Metal Roofs, a seasoned metal roofing contractor in Hillsborough, NC, can walk you through the whole process. Our goal is to make choosing and installing your metal roof as smooth as possible. We pride ourselves on our customer satisfaction. With high-quality, reliable products and a skilled team, we guarantee you an amazing roof for your North Carolina home.

Why Invest in Metal Roofing?

Two common misconceptions about metal roofing is that they are loud and unsightly. Often when imagining a metal roof, you might immediately think of standing in a commercial building while listening to the deafening sound of rain hitting the metal roof. Fortunately, metal roofing products for residential homes behave quite differently.

We’re strong believers in the superior qualities metal roofing offers your home. From their long lifespan to durability during severe weather, the quality is undeniable. Although there is a larger up-front cost for a metal roof as compared to other roofing options, they will far outlast the completion’s selection.

Any metal roofing contractor in Hillsborough, NC, will also be able to attest to the elegance and beauty this style of roof can have. At McCarthy Metal Roof, we offer numerous styles, colors, and finishes for you to choose from. These options range from Country Manor Shake—a charming wood-look alike shingle—to Oxford Shingles—a classic roofing style available in various colors. All are amazing options to increase your curb appeal and protect your home.

Contact a Metal Roofing Expert

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