Hiring Metal Roof Contractors: 5 Red Flags To Be Aware Of

Hiring Metal Roof Contractors: 5 Red Flags To Be Aware Of

Hiring Metal Roof Contractors: 5 Red Flags To Be Aware Of

Like with every industry, there are good and bad service providers. If you’re redoing or repairing your metal roof, you should be aware of five red flags when hiring metal roof contractors. This way, you’ll avoid scammers and people not working in your best interest.

They Don’t Have a License

A licensed roofing contractor has the expertise to pass a licensing agency’s exam. The exam tests a roofer’s maintenance and industry knowledge. Professionals typically have extensive schooling to pass it. Additionally, most agencies issue licenses to contractors with a year or more of experience. Without proper licenses, there’s no guarantee that roofers will have sufficient expertise.

They’re Storm Chasers

Storm chasers are roofing salespeople who visit towns after a big storm (tornado, flood, etc.) and try to sell their roofing services to homeowners with storm damage. They often don’t have insurance or reliable contracts to support their work. After completing the roofs, they’ll leave town without giving you a proper warranty. If roofing problems occur, you’ll have to handle costs.

They Give a Suspiciously Low Bid

Suspiciously low bids are a red flag to be aware of when hiring metal roof contractors. If something is too good to be true, it probably is. Unethical roofers tempt customers with suspiciously low roofing bids in hopes of getting them to sign contracts. This shady business practice can leave you with hidden fees that dramatically change the price of roofing.

Other times, some contractors cut corners and use low-quality material susceptible to damage to lower their bids. However, these low-quality materials will break down quickly, and the contractors will charge expensive repair fees. Ultimately, you’ll end up paying more for low bids.

They Don’t Have a Portfolio or References

Typically, professional contractors are more than happy to showcase past work and happy clients. Good reviews boost business and make contractors reputable service providers. Therefore, no signs of past work are a major red flag. The contractor may be a scam artist targeting vulnerable customers. They’ll take your money without starting or completing the job.

They Pressure You To Hire Them

Metal roofs are a sizeable investment for most homeowners. Reputable contractors won’t pressure you to onboard their services. They understand it’s a big decision to make. On the other hand, shady contractors pressure you to sign contracts without assessing costs or reading the entire contract. Don’t rush into major decisions because a pushy contractor is on your back.

A reputable roofer is a must-have for any metal roofing project. Properly vet roofers before hiring services. When you need metal roofing in Durham, NC, McCarthy Metal Roofing has the experts! We have knowledge and years of experience, so get in touch with us soon!