Your Local Metal Roofing Contractors in Holly Springs, NC

Weather wreaks havoc on many residential roofs—especially roofs containing asphalt shingles. Wind, rain, and snow are just a few common materials capable of easily ruining asphalt shingles. Thankfully, professional metal roofing companies help homeowners find a suitable solution. High-quality metal roofing combats the elements excellently by shedding snow and ice, withstanding the impact of hail, and remaining intact during heavy winds. Whereas asphalt shingles can easily fall off during heavy winds, metal panels can avoid such accidents with proper installation.

If you’re looking for local metal roofing contractors in Holly Springs, NC, we can help you obtain the right system for your home. From Oxford shingles to ClickLock Standing Seam panels, McCarthy Metal Roofing carries various materials to improve local homes successfully, our contractors are experienced roofing professionals that will work with you to make your metal roofing experience as enjoyable as it is beneficial to you and your home. In fact, metal roofing can improve both a home’s defense against the elements and its energy efficiency. By reflecting the sun’s incoming radiant heat throughout the day, metal roofing keeps indoor temperatures comfortable and energy bills lower.

Beyond the strong benefits they bring to homes, metal roofing systems should have an appearance worthy of lasting a lifetime. For this reason, before partnering with metal roofing companies, take a look at their style and color options. For example, our Country Manor Shake comes in nearly 10 different colors, including white, red, brown, and green. Furthermore, we offer our rustic metal shingles in more than 10 different colors. If you want brightly colored rustic shingles, McCarthy Metal Roofing can provide options showcasing vivid red or bold blue paint. On the other hand, if you want the rustic shingles to display earthier tones, we have various brown or green options to match. Our contractors are more than happy to help you find the right metal roofing system for your home, with a wealth of experience they can make your dream roof a reality.

When you’re ready to contact local metal roofing contractors in Holly Springs, NC, give us a call at 919-646-6846. McCarthy Metal Roofing also provides services to homeowners in Raleigh, Chapel Hill, New Bern, and other areas throughout North Carolina.