How Fast Does Metal Roofing Rust in Warm Weather?

How Fast Does Metal Roofing Rust in Warm Weather?

How Fast Does Metal Roofing Rust in Warm Weather?

Metal roofs can offer immense longevity, but in some cases, rust can occur. Knowing how the environment may affect corrosion is crucial to knowing how your metal roof will perform. So how quickly does metal roofing rust in warm weather? Learn more about this prevalent residential roofing solution below.

Rust Defenses

Not all metal roofs are equally prone to rust. Each type of metal can deliver a specific performance in terms of combating the elements, creating unique curb appeal, and beyond. For instance, you can choose from copper, aluminum, and steel. Copper and aluminum are nonferrous metals, which means they repel rust naturally. It’s important to know precisely what type of metal roof you’re buying.

Rust Infiltration

Copper and aluminum are rust-free roofing solutions, but steel roofs can experience rust over time. The risk of rust on a steel roof occurs when the roof becomes scratched. Of course, this doesn’t mean that steel roofs inherently deliver poor performance; they just aren’t as rust resistant as other options on the market. Speak with your roofing provider about choosing nonferrous roofing materials and other solutions that can fit your project preferences.

Rust Timeline

Now you should have clearer ideas of how rust defense and infiltration work and how quickly metal roofing rusts in warm weather. Luckily, the formation of rust on steel roofs doesn’t have a specific timeline, nor do the seasons have a great effect. Either your metal roof has the ability to prevent rust or it doesn’t; it’s a very straightforward process. As far as life spans go, metal roofing can last more than 50 years on a home. Just note that scratches can lead to rust on steel roofing.

Now that you know more about rust and metal roofs, you can start exploring your options for metal roofing in Eastern NC, keeping your performance needs in mind every step of the way.