How Many Years Will Your New Metal Roof Last?

How Many Years Will Your New Metal Roof Last?

How Many Years Will Your New Metal Roof Last?

When you choose to install a metal roof, you’ll have the coverage you need. However, it’s important to know the different features of your metal roof, such as the time span for how long it will last to stay secure. Read on to learn how long your new metal roof will last and plan for your next replacement.

The Life Span of a Metal Roof

Metal roofs are a great option for an installation in your home with longevity in mind. The average time span of a new metal roof extends from 40–70 years, with some installations lasting up to 100.

Compared to other roofing options such as asphalt shingles and concrete, metal roofs will ensure you, your children, and your children’s children have a roof over your heads that reflects the sun’s heat and prevents moisture from entering the home.

Why Metal Roofs Last So Long

Various factors contribute to the long-lasting effects of a metal roof. The metal used in the structure is high quality. It consists of materials such as aluminum for heat and cold resistance, copper for slow deterioration, or steel for strength.

Metal roofs are tough and handle numerous elements that would damage other types of roofs. Wherever you look, you won’t find a roof as durable as one made of metal.

What Shortens the Life Span of a Metal Roof?

Although a new metal roof may last a lifetime, it’s important to understand what could decrease its life span. Environmental factors are typically to blame for a shortened time span of use. Severe weather conditions such as summer storms or extreme cold will slowly cause corrosion and weaken the material.

Additionally, if you don’t keep up with the roof maintenance, this damage will have a greater impact and cause the roof to deteriorate faster. Guiding how long your new metal roof will last is essential to ensure you know how to maximize its long-term efficacy.

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