How Much a Bundle of Roofing Shingles Weighs

How Much a Bundle of Roofing Shingles Weighs

How Much a Bundle of Roofing Shingles Weighs

When it comes to finding the right set of shingles for your home, it’s important to be mindful of how much they weigh. Don’t worry—as you’ll see from the guide below, figuring out the right weight is more about looking at the material of the shingle rather than weighing each individual shingle on a scale.

To illustrate the importance of this topic, we’ll explore how much a bundle of roofing shingles weighs and what you should do if you’ve already installed a heavier option.

To be clear, the title of this blog might lead you to believe that we’ll be talking about the weight of one single bundle, but the topic is a bit more complex than that. Instead, we’ll look at the bundles in terms of how many you need per 100 square feet.

For your average asphalt shingles, you’ll typically need a minimum of around 300 lbs. of shingles per 100 square feet. Not every bundle will weigh the same, though your asphalt shingles will commonly clock in at around 60 to 80 lbs. per bundle.

Luckily, you shouldn’t have to worry too much about the math regarding asphalt shingles because you can bypass that excess weight by installing metal shingles in their place. Instead of needing 300 lbs. of material to cover 100 square feet of roof, metal shingles can cover that same area size with merely 60 to 80 lbs. worth of shingles. This is vastly less demanding than its asphalt counterpart. Suffice it to say that a single bundle of metal shingles is surprisingly light.

Thanks to the lightweight nature of metal roofing, it can typically be effectively installed right over your existing asphalt shingles. However, installing metal shingles from the get-go can really allow you to take advantage of the structural integrity the shingles provide your home. Don’t let that deter you from replacing your current asphalt shingles, though. Installing metal shingles over an older set adds minimal weight but maximum benefits.

This is because you’re not sacrificing durability for a lighter weight when you invest in metal shingles. Even though they’re lighter, metal shingles will still remain durable, energy-efficient, and intact for many, many decades.

Asphalt shingles, on the other hand, are lucky to last a single decade. Plus, putting metal shingles over an asphalt set is better than ripping off the old set entirely because it means the process will be faster and won’t result in those asphalt shingles making their way into a landfill.

As you can see, figuring out how much a bundle of roofing shingles weighs is a topic that requires a bit more detail than you might expect. This is because, at the end of the day, the biggest factor is how much collective weight those bundles bring to the roof. To put it simply, bundles of metal shingles weigh significantly less than asphalt ones while adding far more benefits to your property.

If you’re ready to upgrade from asphalt shingles to something more sustainable, we can assist with residential metal roof installation in North Carolina. In order to take full advantage of metal shingle benefits, you should always team up with a contractor who is reliable and has experience successfully installing metal roofing.