How to Choose a Metal Roof for Your Beautiful North Carolina Home

How to Choose a Metal Roof

How to Choose a Metal Roof for Your Beautiful North Carolina Home

Congratulations! You’ve found your way to metal roofing. Having decided upon a metal roof for the protection of your North Carolina home, it’s now time to look at style and design options.

Metal Roof Style

One of the beauties of metal roofing is the wide variety of panel profiles (styles) which are available. Homeowners can choose from corrugated looks to true standing seams to shake, slate, shingle, and tile facsimiles. But which “look” is best for your home? While this is a matter of personal choice, not every profile “fits” aesthetically and stylistically with every house.


When choosing the right look for your home, it is important to keep “scale” in mind. For example, if your home is only 50’ in width, using a 24” wide standing seam panel may be overpowering because you will end up with just 25 panels across the entire width of the roof. Likewise, a very “heavy” looking shake or tile profile may be too much for a smaller home.

In general, roofs with steeper pitches go well with a heavier looking shake. Historic homes such as a Victorian or Cape Cod, are enhanced by a lower profile “slate” looking shingle. Ranches and roofs with a lower slope do well with a low profile or wood shingle look. Standing seam has been made popular on log homes, cabins, and as accents on a lower roof such as over a porch.


Keep your neighbors and neighborhood in mind when choosing a profile. You want to add to your home’s value. This can be achieved by setting your home apart from others in your neighborhood in terms of distinction and beauty. However, accidentally making your home stand out like a sore thumb through the color or product you choose can detract from home value and also not enamor yourself to your neighbors.

Choose a Roof Design Expert

The installer you choose for your roof should not only have an excellent history of roofing, but he or she should also have an eye for the design and know which product will complement the beauty of your home. We will bring sample panels to your home, and offer “imaging” software that shows a photo of your house with different roof profiles and colors that can be superimposed onto your home. These things, along with the expertise and experience of our manufacturer, will help you make an informed decision on the profile and color that best showcases your home.

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