How Your Metal Roof Saves Money on Energy Bills

How Your Metal Roof Saves Money on Energy Bills

How Your Metal Roof Saves Money on Energy Bills

Homeowners compare the various pros and cons of roofing materials to find the perfect match for their houses. Lower energy bills are among the potential benefits, but how exactly does a roof affect energy bills? Understandably, the connection won’t always be apparent to newcomers. Use the list below to learn how a metal roof saves money on energy bills every year.

Heat Retention

When a residential roof absorbs heat, it can create an uncomfortably warm atmosphere in the attic, eventually stretching down to the rest of the house. The experience is akin to sitting in a car on a sunny day with no A/C, the sun’s rays streaming through the windows and building up heat inside.

If you own a roof with asphalt shingles, this is a phenomenon you might be experiencing right now. However, when homeowners want a solution to this heat absorption, one of the avenues they can take is installing metal roofing.

Heat Deflection

Instead of absorbing and retaining radiant heat, a quality metal roof will reflect that heat away from your home. Thus, your home remains at an optimal temperature without excessive intervention from your HVAC system. Better attic ventilation and heat deflection mean less reliance on air conditioning.

That said, discussing how your metal roof saves money on energy bills requires a focus on professional installation. Simply put, for the best results, hire a metal roof contractor with an excellent reputation and portfolio. That way, you can ensure your house gets the heat absorption it needs to help those energy bills remain low.

Protective Coatings

Whether you prefer a light-colored metal roof or a dark-colored one, aluminum will substantially reflect the sun’s rays. However, another component of metal roofing’s heat reflection comes from protective coatings. Talking with your contractor about the protective coating on your metal roof will help you learn about its defensive capabilities.

As metal roofing contractors in Raleigh, NC, North Carolina Metal Roofs ensures that roofs meet homeowners’ needs, including heat reflection. Thanks to reflective Kynar 500 coatings, a metal roof can successfully reflect radiant heat from your home and save you money on energy bills in the process.