How Your Roof Affects the Temperature of Your Home

How Your Roof Affects the Temperature of Your Home

How Your Roof Affects the Temperature of Your Home

Various factors impact your home’s temperature, with one of the biggest being your roof. Ensuring your roof can withstand the sun’s rays is the perfect way to maintain a consistently cozy indoor temperature. Read the quick guide below to learn how your roof affects the temperature of your home.

The Power of Sunlight

Your roof choice can impact home temperature because not every roof has the same thermal mass or reflective properties. As the sun’s rays shine down on your home, they warm up the roof. A large portion of that warmth stems from the sun’s infrared radiation. Thankfully, metal roofs containing the right finish can combat those heat rays and keep the whole home cool and comfortable. For example, HI-R Kynar Heat Barrier finishes have pigments that reflect the infrared within sunlight successfully.

Reflecting Heat

Without the right finishes, radiant heat can seep right through your roof and make the house hotter. Issues like this require homeowners to constantly adjust their heating and cooling systems to create a comfortable atmosphere. However, a suitable roofing material will ensure you don’t have to make those adjustments, saving you money on energy bills in the process.

Absorbing Heat

As mentioned before, thermal mass plays a key role in heat retention and transfer. Aluminum is great for metal roofing, thanks to its thermal mass, which prevents it from radiating heat into your attic and eventually warming up the whole house. Aluminum roofing absorbs heat but will lose it quickly if a cool breeze blows across it. Even if it’s not windy outside, aluminum will lose excess heat when the sun sets. Roofing materials with higher thermal masses will radiate heat into your home no matter what time of day it is.

Since you know how your roof affects the temperature of your home, you can avoid lackluster materials. After having professionals install a high-quality metal roof, maintaining a comfortable atmosphere at home will be much easier. Reach out to McCarthy Metal Roofing if you need metal roofing in Eastern NC.