How Your Roof Impacts Your Homeowners Insurance

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How Your Roof Impacts Your Homeowners Insurance

From the material used to the age of the roof, you’ll need to consider several things when you’re installing or repairing a roof. How your roof impacts your homeowners’ insurance is one of these key pieces of information. Take a look at this breakdown of the subject to ensure you get the most out of your roof and your insurance policy.

The Material

Believe it or not, what your roofing is made of can have a significant effect on your homeowners’ insurance. This is because certain roofing materials can react poorly to certain environments. That’s why metal roofing is typically the most insurance-friendly type of roofing material. Metal roofing is durable, versatile, and flame-resistant; all of these qualities will look great to your insurance provider.

The Age

It’s important that you’re aware of your roof’s repair and replacement history. In the eyes of an insurance company, insuring an older roof is a bigger risk than insuring a brand-new roof. If you have a new, sturdy roof, then this can benefit you. However, if you have an old roof with a rough past, you might not be so lucky.

The Installation

A poorly installed roof won’t just hurt your home—it’ll also hurt your ability to follow through with an insurance claim. For instance, if you file an insurance claim in regard to damage to your roof, a professional will have to come out to the location to assess the damage. If the insurance company spots a poorly executed installation job, they can point toward that as a reason for not following through with your claim.

Now that you know how your roof impacts your homeowners’ insurance, you can use this information to your advantage. By understanding these factors, you can replace your roof in a way that’s optimized for your taste and your insurance policy. That way, you won’t land in the situation of discovering this info after you’ve installed the roof—only to realize you could’ve saved more on your policy. If you’re looking for metal roofing contractors in Raleigh, NC, then look no further than McCarthy Metal Roofing. After you take the above factors into consideration, we’ll help you install the best metal roofing for your personal specifications.