Wind and Hail Damage to Your Roof: Are You Ready?

Wind and Hail Damage to Your Roof: Are You Ready?

As the hurricane season approaches, so does the threat of wind and hail damage to your roof.  Many homeowners may feel that they have years of service left in their roofs…only to be frustrated as they face insurance claims and extensive repairs or replacement. Furthermore, even if repairs are possible, the damages have jeopardized the futures of their roofs.

Recent years have seen an increase in violent weather in the United States. This is making more and more homeowners think about their roofs and look for roofing options that are not prone to damage from wind, hail, snow, and ice. As a result, the fastest growing segment of the residential roofing industry has been metal roofing. Metal has seen its market share more than quadruple over the past decade.

Conventional shingles rely largely on gravity and low-end adhesives to try to hold tight during high winds. Like many commodities, there has been a push by their manufacturers in recent years to cut the cost of asphalt and fiberglass shingles. This has led to products that are less flexible and less well adhered than they have been in the past. So, instead of lasting longer, they are performing more poorly than ever.

Even though their warranties are for longer periods of time, we’re seeing standard shingles having to be replaced at anywhere from five to 20 years of age. The variance depends more on the weather conditions and whether the products were installed well than it does on the original quality of the product.

Metal offers a solution because of the way that the panels interlock rather than just rely on gravity or sealants to hold them in place. The higher quality metal roofs feature fully interlocking panels as well as concealed fasteners. These systems create a weather-tight “shell” to protect homes and be able to withstand the rigors of harsh weather.

If you find yourself faced with re-roofing your home due to storm damage, do yourself a favor and consider a lasting and beautiful metal roof. Additional benefits include energy efficiency, fire safety, and low weight. Check out the benefits of metal roofing and contact McCarthy Metal Roofing Systems of North Carolina for advice on whether a metal roof is right for your home.

Metal roofing will require an investment beyond what your insurance will pay you for a damaged shingle roof,  but now may be a good time to make that investment once and for all and save yourself from future roof maintenance and worries.

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