Is Your North Carolina Attic Healthy?

Is Your North Carolina Attic Healthy?

Have you been in your attic lately? Chances are it was very hot.

A hot attic in the summer makes your air conditioner work harder and can also indicate more dangerous conditions that could lead to mold and rot in your North Carolina attic. If you’re able, we suggest checking out your attic and paying attention to the following:

  1. Intake soffit vents blocked by insulation. Your attic ventilation only works if you have functioning intake and exhaust vents.
  2. Dark streaks on lumber. These can indicate condensation issues or roof leaks.
  3. Light showing through cracks. Places that need to be sealed in your attic disrupt good ventilation airflow and also allow insects or other pests to enter your attic.
  4. Airflow. If you hold a piece of light paper against your exhaust vents, the air movement should make it flutter.

The health of your attic can say a great deal about the health of your home. While many modifications can occur at any time, ventilation changes are most cost effectively made when you re-roof your home.

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