Metal Construction Association Certified

What is the Metal Construction Association Certified Metal Roofing Panel Program? Why is it important?

The leading trade association for metal roofing and other exterior metal building products in North American is The Metal Construction Association (MCA). Membership in the MCA consists of leading metal roofing manufacturers and their coating and metal suppliers.

To help differentiate quality metal roofs from inferior products, the MCA developed an industry exclusive Metal Roofing Certification Program. This program helps property owners, designers, builders and architects determine which companies have quality products. The program was created several years ago when the association became aware of the introduction of “secondary” or “rejected” Metal and panels into the market. Products with inferior base metals and/or coatings have shorter life spans and offer less protection. Before a product is Premium Certified by the MCA it must be closely scrutinized and audited. Only products made from quality materials will meet MCA’s established standards.

Our company is one of only five manufacturers that is MCA Premium Certified. This allows our customers to know that we have met the stringent requirements set by the MCA and relieves any anxiety about the possibilities of having sub-standard products installed on their homes. As an added measure, each roofing panel that we produce is clearly labeled so it can be easily tracked back to the supplier and their raw material run.

MCA Certification is designed to protect unsuspecting consumers. We strongly recommend that homeowners purchase only metal roofing materials that have passed MCA’s certification process.

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