Metal Roofing and Extreme Weather: Fire Safety

Though not typically a month for fire in North Carolina, March brings high winds that can carry airborne sparks and burning debris to your roof. How can a metal roof reduce your risk of damage and exposure?

Most metal roofs are approved for Class A, B, and C fire ratings. In some cases, a special underlayment may be required to meet certain code and fire classification requirements. However, metal roofing is widely recognized for its resistance to airborne sparks and burning debris. Particularly if you have a wood shingle or shake roof currently, you may enjoy a lower insurance premium with a metal roof. Additionally, in the event of a fire inside your house, the low weight of metal roofing minimizes the possibility of roof cave- in as the structure weakens. This can help save your home and belongings, providing firefighters with greater opportunity to put out the fire.

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