Metal Roofing Installation: Raleigh Homeowners Deserve Respect

metal roofing installation

Metal Roofing Installation: Raleigh Homeowners Deserve Respect

It’s not just the product: metal roofing installation quality matters.


We spend a lot of time determining the right color, the shape, and the right style of everything that goes into and onto our homes. Those things are important, but when it comes down to it, having the right product for your home, with the wrong installation is tragic. In fact, it all comes down to respect.

Respect for your investment.

Our factory-trained metal roofing installation crews receive regular, ongoing training. We install complete roofing systems, and that takes experience.  In addition to the manufacturer’s best-in-industry warranty, we warrant the installation of your Classic Metal Roofing System. That means that workmanship is warranted, as well as product.

Respect for your situation.

Every roof is different, and your home may have some roofing challenges. We are specialists with flashing penetrations, bending around tricky corners and curves, and working directly with the manufacturer to address issues and solve unique problems with your roof.

In every case, we match the right metal roofing, at the right price, with the right installation plan.

Respect for your time.

We don’t jump from job to job…we stay on your project from start to finish. Because our products are delivered and installed as systems, you can be sure that we will be efficient. And the best part: once and done. A Classic Metal Roof from McCarthy Metal Roofing can be the last roof you ever purchase for your home.

Respect for your property.

We take extraordinary care of your property, protecting landscaping, your home’s exterior, and pavements. And we clean up  when we’re finished. Completely.

During the installation process of your new metal roof, we want you to know that we are always available to answer your questions, and encourage you to ask them.

Metal Roofing Installation: Choose the Right Contractor

When choosing a metal roofing contractor, make sure that they line up the very best products, with the very best installation. Of course, we’d love for you to choose us, McCarthy Metal Roofing.