Metal Roofs: Summer Environmental Benefits for Your NC Home

metal roofs environmental benefits

Metal Roofs: Summer Environmental Benefits for Your NC Home

Metal roofs offer many environmental benefits, and summertime maximizes those benefits for your North Carolina home. Your home’s roof is most vulnerable to the sun’s summer heat. That heat passes through the roof, heats the attic and, in turn, heats the home, increasing air conditioning costs. An Energy Star metal roof, or metal roofs that include integral airspace, will reduce attic heat gain and therefore reduce energy costs. Savings of 20% and more are often reported by homeowners. A Classic metal roof from McCarthy Metal Roofing offers great sustainable roofing choices for homeowners who want to reduce their future energy costs.

Environmental Benefits of  Classic Metal Roofs:


  • Made from quality, up to 99% recycled aluminum, the majority of which is post-consumer
  • Minimal carbon footprint, unlike traditional shingles
  • Special Kynar 500® or Hylar 5000 hI-R coating reflects radiant heat
  • Cuts energy costs by up to 20%
  • Reduces attic temperatures by up to 34%
  • Integral “dead” airspace blocks heat transfer by conduction
  • The lower cooling load can extend air conditioner life
  • Integrates with most photovoltaic solar collection systems
  • The low weight allows installation over most existing roofs
  • Eliminates the need for landfill disposal of old roofing
  • Low weight minimizes transportation cost
  • Long-life sustainability
  • Aluminum products can be repainted but will likely never need to be replaced
  • Low weight roofing can extend a building’s life
  • 100% recyclable if it is ever replaced
  • Very low “Embodied Energy”

More on Energy Efficiency: Reducing Your Energy Bills

  • Many roofing options only restore the value that was lost from having an aged roof on the home. They do little or nothing to provide lasting additional value. The benefits of metal roofing, though, provide increased value that stays with your home instead of diminishing over time. Chief among those benefits is energy efficiency.
  • Our Kynar 500® and Hylar 5000® coatings incorporate our advanced hI-R Heat Barrier technology to create a roof that keeps your home naturally cooler thanks to special reflective pigments. The complex chemical structure of these pigments reflects the infrared portion of the sun’s rays that is most responsible for heat gain. An hI-R Classic roof leaves the attic space and the entire home much cooler in the summer. Proud owners of Classic roofs report saving up to 20% or more on their energy costs.
  • The formed thickness of your Classic roof provides further energy efficiency. The integral “dead” airspace between the aluminum and your roof deck acts as a thermal break, stopping heat transfer by conduction. This behaves much like the airspace between the plates of glass in a thermal pane window.

More on Sustainability

The ability of a low weight Classic aluminum roof to be installed over your old shingles is also beneficial. In addition to saving your money and avoiding landfill disposal, your old roof provides thermal mass – additional insulation to help keep summertime heat outside of your attic.

Learn More…

Want to learn more about the sustainable choice of metal roofing for your North Carolina property? You can Ask Todd Miller, metal roofing expert and President of Classic Metal Roofing Systems. Of course, we are always available to help you make the very best, sustainable roofing choice for your home. We’re McCarthy Metal Roofing of North Carolina.