Metal Roofing Specialists in New Bern, NC

For many years, McCarthy Metal Roofing has served New Bern and the surrounding area. Since the beginning, our goal has continually been to serve our community well through providing beautiful, high-quality metal roofs. As metal roofing specialists in New Bern, we’re the go-to source for industry knowledge. We offer various resources to homeowners and businesses interested in metal roofs, explaining the benefits and any additional information you might want to know. If you’d like to learn more about the numerous benefits to switching to metal roofing, browse through our various resources, or reach out to our local roofing installers.

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Metal Roof Installation Service

Looking for metal roofing specialists in New Bern to take charge of your new roof installation? The roofers at McCarthy Metal Roofing are reliable, efficient workers who perform services with a high rate of customer satisfaction. Our installers have years of experience specializing in metal roofs. As a local metal roofing company serving Newburn and the surrounding area, we understand the need for a durable, weather-resistant product and installation that will withstand torrential rain and wind. Every roofing system our contractors install is made to last. We’re able to provide this through our thorough understanding and practice in the metal roofing industry.

Once you speak with one of our metal roofing specialists in New Bern, we’re sure you’ll be ready to make the next move. Contact a McCarthy Metal Roofing rep to set up an appointment with our team.

Metal Roof Products

We offer a diverse range of metal roofing shingles and shake, standing seam, and other roof system styles. Every style serves a unique purpose. Some are more aesthetically pleasing, which do well in residential environments, while others serve a more practical purpose for lower sloped roofs. However, rest assured that all metal roofing styles are trustworthy choice for a long-lasting, beautiful roof.

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