Perfect Solution For Mansard Roofs

Oxford Shingles on a Mansard Roof

Perfect Solution For Mansard Roofs

Those steep pitched mansard roofs have long been a staple of southern architecture. But they present special challenges for homeowners.  Here are just a few:

The steep roofs become a real focal point of the home so you need a roof system that looks great, and stays that way.

The warranties of many roofing products are voided on these roofs because the steep pitch does not allow the shingles to seal together properly.

You need a roof system that is wind resistant and does not pose the hazardous possibility of shingles or tiles falling out of place.

McCarthy Metal Roofing is pleased to announce that we have the perfect solution to mansard roofs.  Our solution is both beautiful and durable for these unique homes.

As we mentioned, mansard roofs present very unique challenges to property owners and to contractors. Oftentimes a true architectural focus of the building, mansard roofs are near-vertical roofs that cover the top portion of a building.

In many cases, a low slope roof covers the building above the mansard. We have found that metal shingles are often a great choice for mansard roofs. Let’s look at some of the special challenges presented by mansard roofs, and how metal addresses them.

Visual Appeal. Mansard roofs, because they create sort of a “cap” or “crown” for the building, tend to draw the viewer’s eye. They are a big part of what you see when you look at the building. For that reason, it makes sense to choose a material that is visually appealing – a product that is attractive and complements the rest of the building. Today’s metal shingles, with the high profile beauty of shakes, slate, and tile, can complement mansard-roofed buildings very well.

Steep Pitch. The steep pitch of a mansard roof presents probably the greatest challenge. Standard shingles have a difficult time sealing together on steep pitches. In many cases, the manufacturers will not warrant their products on mansard roofs because of this. Additionally, any product which may slip out of place presents a real danger with mansard roofs. Something like a heavy tile falling from a mansard roof will seriously injure anyone or anything it strikes on the ground. Metal shingles which interlock on all sides cannot slip out of place and cause this sort of risk. The interlocks make these products very wind resistant. Metal shingles are also very low weight, an added bonus.

Energy Efficiency. Because it really is a wall of sorts, mansard roofs present an opportunity to keep heat outside of the building during the summer and inside during the winter. Metal shingle roofs, with reflective coatings, help with summer efficiency. Winter efficiency can be achieved by insulating behind the roofing, again something which is difficult to do with other products and may void their warranties.

Window Trim-Outs. Mansard roofs often have cut-outs for windows or balcony doors. Trimming out around these cut-outs is critical to an attractive and weathertight roof. Metal shingles offer trim pieces specifically for these applications.

If you have a mansard roof, please send me a photo. I will be happy to correspond with you about the challenges posed by your roof and the possible solutions. I think we can come up with something that will add years of beauty, value, and protection to your home.  My email is