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Elegant and sophisticated yet durable enough to withstand even the toughest storm, metal roofing is a great option for homeowners looking to put new roofs on their homes. A properly installed metal roofing system on your Pinehurst home can provide lasting benefits. From cost savings on your energy bill to resistance against wear and tear, there’s a lot to admire about this style of roofing. Give our metal roofing contractors in Pinehurst, NC, a call to learn more about the benefits our metal roofing can provide you and your home. We provide a range of services for both commercial and residential metal roofing services, including installation and repairs with high-quality products.

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Metal Roof Installation

As with all roofing installation projects, having the right team on the job is essential. Our metal roofing contractors in Pinehurst, NC, bring years of experience and industry knowledge to every home, ensuring you receive nothing but the best. Whether you currently have or are looking to transition to a metal roofing system, almost any home can benefit from metal shake or shingles. Often, these systems can be installed on top of existing roofing, potentially saving you money while benefitting the environment.

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Metal Roof Products

Choosing the right product is just as important as putting your trust in an experienced metal roofer. High-quality metal roofing systems are diverse in function and style. There are several unique forms of metal roofing and several accessories associated with it, all of which are created to serve a unique purpose—such as stylish shake roofing or flat metal roofs for residential homes, garages and commercial buildings. At McCarthy Metal Roofs, our metal roofing contractors in Pinehurst, NC, are familiar with and can install a range of metal roofing systems.

Resources for Homeowners

There’s a lot to learn about metal roofing, and taking it all in can be quite overwhelming. Not to worry—we’ve put together some of the essential highlights and facts surrounding metal roofing in North Carolina. We created these resources to help you make an educated decision on what roofing material is best for you and your home. We’re available to discuss the cost of adding a metal roof to your home or business in Pinehurst.

  • Learn more about the benefits and installation of metal roofing.