Metal Roofing Contractors in Pittsboro, NC

Ready to update your home’s roof? Use the best there is in North Carolina by investing in a gorgeous metal roof. At McCarthy Metal Roofing, we see great value in choosing a metal roof over alternative options. As any metal roofing contractor in Pittsboro, NC, will tell you, metal roofing systems are unmatched when it comes to lasting quality, durability, and style.

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What To Expect Over The Lifetime of Your Metal Roof

Low Maintenance

In general, metal roofing requires very little maintenance. This is a huge plus, especially considering the up-front investment it takes to put the new roof on your home. Over the long lifespan of your roof, you can expect little upkeep and repair costs to occur.

If you do run into trouble, be sure to contact a local metal roofing contractor in Pittsboro, NC, to ensure repairs are done properly.

Lasting Beauty

The material, paint, and finishes used by our North Carolina metal roof company were selected with purpose. That purpose consisted of offering variations our customers want while limiting it to the best product available. Finishes paired with an incredible metal roofing system will create a roof that will not diminish in beauty as time wears on. You can expect your roof to look almost the same for a very long time.

Cost Savings

Last (but far from least) are the cost savings associated with metal roofing. When installed properly by a metal roofing contractor in Pittsboro, NC, your new roof will far outlast an asphalt or wood shake style roof. Not only will you experience the long-term cost savings of low maintenance and few repairs, but you may also see household utility savings. This is thanks to metal roofing being an excellent insulator.