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Aluminum Shingles

Three Beautiful Aluminum Shingle Styles to Choose From

Protecting your home with the finest roofing technology available is an investment that pays dividends. McCarthy Metal Roofing systems will increase the value of your home, adding charm and elegance while reducing energy bills and eliminating costly repairs and replacement in the future.

Aluminum metal roofing systems provide homeowners with long-lasting value. Aluminum roofs are low weight, which helps preserve its structural integrity. While other roofing materials such as asphalt depreciate quickly, metal has proven performance expectations of over 100 years.

The energy efficient qualities of aluminum are outstanding. Traditional roofing materials such as asphalt shingles absorb heat from the sun. Aluminum roofing cools faster and will actually reflect most of the sun’s rays, keeping your house cooler in the summer. This saves you money.

Our positive interlocking panels are designed for maximum wind resistance and extreme weather of all kinds. Its storm-tested toughness and resistance to fire are more reasons why aluminum is an attractive roofing solution. But the attraction doesn’t stop with durability and saving money on energy. Homeowners have three beautiful aluminum shingle styles to choose from including the beautiful look of architectural shingles, and the charm of wood shakes.

Oxford Aluminum Shingle

Oxford Shingle

Oxford Aluminum Shingle’s low profile emulates the rich look of slate, the classic simple look of architectural shingle, and the low profile shingles of the early 1900’s, but with long-lasting beauty and efficiency that no other material can match. Available in a variety of colors, Oxford Shingles work beautifully in any neighborhood.

Rustic Aluminum Shingle

Rustic Shingle

Rustic Aluminum Shingle is an investment-grade metal roofing system that provides beauty, protection and increased value for your home. Rustic Aluminum Shingle has a rugged texture with realistic wood grain and comes in distinctive colors to coordinate with any home. With Rustic Shingle, you will not need routine maintenance or replacement.

Country manor aluminum shingle

Country Manor Shake

Country Manor Shake offers your home the charming beauty of real wood shakes without the problems traditionally associated with them. Available in a variety of lasting Kynar 500 or Hylar 5000 colors, these shingles resist streaking and staining and are ideal for coastal climates. 

Lasting Beauty & Protection

All of our Aluminum shingles have concealed fasteners for superior protection and unmatched beauty. Our maintenance-free materials will never rust, crack or rot.  The long lasting Kynar 500 or Hylar 5000 colors are fade resistant and will look new for decades. Aluminum roofing solutions are designed to look good, save money and last a lifetime.

Installs Directly Over Your Current Roof

In many cases, we can install a permanent metal roof directly over your existing roof. Eliminating the tear-out and disposal of old roofing materials saves time and money. Reducing the mess, hazards and environmental impact is also a benefit. Your family will remain in comfort during the entire process. Not only will your yard not be disrupted during installation, in the end you will also benefit from an additional layer of sound dampening and insulation. This installation method is possible due to the light weight of an aluminum metal roofing solution. This is just another reason to upgrade to metal.

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