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Country Manor Shake

Hazards & Expense of Wood Roofing

Hand-split wood shakes have been used on American homes for hundreds of years. Chosen for their character and beauty, wood shake can be a charming addition to your home. Natural wood can certainly be beautiful when it is first installed, but homeowners may run into a myriad of associated problems not far down the road.

Maintaining the natural beauty takes a lot of work, including periodic cleaning and hazardous chemical treatments. Additionally, wood roofing materials are susceptible to damage from high winds, excessive heat and heavy rains. More frightening is the serious risk of fire. Something as simple as a windblown ember from a chimney, fire pit or wildfire can easily ignite a wood shake roof.

Maintenance-Free Country Manor Shake

The Country Manor Shake metal roofing system was designed to match the beautiful look of wood shake, while eliminating the associated risks and expenses of wood.

This heavily formed aluminum roofing system is engineered to withstand the wicked weather, including snow, rain, and winds of up to 120 mph.  Country Manor Shake reduces energy consumption too. The integral airspace between the metal and the roof deck creates a thermal break to increase the structure’s energy performance while the high quality finish reflects heat to keep homes cooler in the summer.

The advantages for homeowners are easily recognized:

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Durable Wood Shake Beauty
Country Manor Shake offers your North Carolina home the charming beauty of real wood shakes. Made of the highest quality materials, Country Manor Shake always looks like new, increasing your home’s value.

Interlocking Protection
Country Manor Shake is a completely interlocked roofing system. Our shingles lock together on all sides to form a weather tight seal on your home for unbeatable wind resistance and protection. Country Manor Shake has been weather-tested tough throughout coastal areas prone to high winds.

Metal Roofing Provides Fire Safety
Country Manor Shake is crafted from fireproof, lightweight aluminum. This superior combination of light weight and non-combustible metal protects your home and family, giving you peace of mind.

Kynar 500/Hylar 5000 Finish
The incredible finish is unmatched for resistance to the fading, peeling, curling, and cracking. More than an ordinary paint, the tight molecular bond holds the color true and provides decades of protection.

HI-R Heat Barrier Coating
Country Manor Shake roofs are coated with HI-R heat reflective paint, providing you with a cooler, more energy-efficient home due to the special reflective pigments embedded in the finish. While maintaining color consistency and fade protection, this technology provides the advantage of greater reflectance, without sacrificing color.

North Carolina’s Best

The Country Manor Shake is an investment-grade metal roofing system, adding beauty, protection, and value to your home. With the beauty of hand-split cedar shakes, Country Manor Shake will enhance your North Carolina home, protect your family and save you money. The roofing professionals at McCarthy Metal Roofing will provide you with expert consultation, flawless installation and award winning customer service.

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