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Oxford Shingle

The Oxford Shingle Metal Roofing System: Classic Beauty for North Carolina

Our Beautiful Oxford Shingle product on a contemporary home in Raleigh NC
Oxford Shingle low profile emulates the classic and clean look of architectural shingles or slate, but with long-lasting beauty and energy efficiency that no other material can match.

The good news for homeowners is that now they can enjoy the beauty of a traditional look, while benefiting from the longevity and energy-saving qualities of a low-profile aluminum metal roofing system.

Classic Beauty

The beauty of Oxford Shingles is unmatched, featuring clean simple lines that match and improve the appearance of virtually any style home. For homeowners with historic Victorian or Cape Cod style homes, Oxford Shingles are particularly popular.

The Oxford Shingle blends in and is accepted in almost every neighborhood. Homeowner associations and architectural review boards throughout North Carolina view the Oxford Shingle as a viable solution for those homeowners seeking the benefits of metal roofing.

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Colors to Accent Every Home

Available in a variety of colors, the baked-on “Kynar/Hylar” finish is more than beautiful. This state-of-art finishing process provides the Oxford Shingle metal roofing system with added durability, making it fade and chalk resistant.

It’s the low gloss beauty and durability that makes this one of the most sought after roofing solutions in the home improvement market today.

Introducing Slate Rock Oxford Shingle

The Slate Rock Oxford Shingle is a unique product that combines the proven design and integrity of Oxford Shingle with the colors and texture of fine slate roofing.

Never before has a metal roofing product offered homeowners a slate product with such refined beauty and realistic coloring. This product truly is the latest development in residential metal roofing technology, pushing far ahead of competing products.

Weather-Tested Tough

Beauty is more than skin deep. Aluminum roofing materials are completely rust-resistant; a clear advantage over similar steel roofing systems. It stands up to the toughest weather, offering unprecedented protection for you and your family. Produced from heavy aluminum, these interlocking panels will be professionally installed on your home to create a weather barrier impervious to the elements. Aluminum’s low profile enables water to shed quickly, reducing any risk of leaks or damage caused by severe weather.


As an Energy Star Partner, Oxford Shingle is designed to save you money on energy consumption. “Cool Coatings” reflect radiant heat, keeping your home cooler in the summer.  Most installations are completed directly over your existing roof, eliminating costly teardown expenses and while eliminating the need for landfill disposal. The additional layer acts to dampen sound and acts as additional insulation, which keeps your home warmer in the winter.

Made from 95% post-consumer recycled aluminum, it is an environmentally smart choice.

A Winning Investment

The benefits of Oxford Shingle are easy to see.  Beautiful, strong, environmentally smart and built to last. The Oxford Shingle Metal Roofing System is a clear winner for those who seek a beautiful roof that will last a lifetime.

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