Country Manor Shake

Classic Look Without the Worry

Hand-split wood shakes have been used on American homes for hundreds of years. Chosen for their character and beauty, wood shake can be a charming addition to your home.

Maintaining the natural beauty of wood is a lot of work, including hazardous chemical treatments and deep cleaning. Wood roofing materials are also susceptible to high winds, excessive heat, and heavy rain. More frightening is the serious risk of fire.

Country Manor Shake provides your home with the charming beauty of real wood shakes, while eliminating the risks and maintenance. It’s engineered to withstand the harshest weather, and it even reduces energy consumption.

Maintenance-Free Beauty

Country Manor Shake’s incredible finish holds up against fading, peeling, curling, and cracking. It provides a lifetime of protection and holds the color true for decades without maintenance or touch-ups. The roof is also coated with a heat reflective paint, providing you with a cooler, more energy-efficient home. It always looks like new, and instantly increases your home’s value.

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