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Flat Roofing, so tough, it’s guaranteed for life!

Imperial Armour, acclaimed for its durability and long lasting performance has been one of the most trusted roofing solutions for homes and businesses with flat or low-sloped roofs. Imperial Armour membranes are backed with a Lifetime warranty to provide homeowners with an added peace of mind.

McCarthy Metal Roofing has been hand selected to be part of the authorized group of contractors dedicated to superior customer service, expert consultation, and professional installation of this revolutionary roofing system.

Imperial Armour high-performing roofing solutions are designed to stand up to intense UV rays and extreme weather conditions. This watertight roofing system is virtually maintenance-free and aesthetically stunning.

Imperial Armour flat roof systems for homeowners are:

Low Maintenance: Imperial Armour roof membranes come with an acrylic finish that prevents dirt from bonding to the roof surface making it resistant to dirt, debris, mold, mildew, algae, chemicals and fading. You can expect your home to look beautiful for decades without hours of maintenance or repair.

Durable: Originally designed as a swimming pool liner, engineers quickly discovered why it was a perfect material for flat roofs. Featuring high resistance to impact and punctures, this roof is made from a composite layer of PVC membrane. The top layer is a strong reinforced single-ply that has a printed shingle pattern. The bottom layer is composed of durable elements to protect your home from Mother Nature.

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Beautiful: Your home’s roof will have the beautiful look of an architectural shingle design. Imperial Armour comes in a variety of colors to perfectly match the look you desire, making your home the envy of the neighborhood. Your home will look amazing for decades to come.

Energy Efficient: An Imperial Armour white flat roof not only reduces your energy use, but it also lowers your electric bills. This is because a flat roof from McCarthy Metal Roofing lowers your home’s heat gain by reflecting up to 90% of the heat that enters through your roof. The energy savings will pay for your roof over time.

Flexible: Imperial Armour is designed for extreme temperature fluctuations. The roofing materials are designed for good low-temperature flexibility and high-temperature tolerance. In fact, Imperial Armour is even resistant to exposure from fire and is proven to be durable against rooftop soiling and contamination.

Customizable: Commercial roofing customers can take advantage of a plethora of accessories, including fan units, HVAC units, skylights, scuppers, curbs, vents, drains, and others.

Warranty Protected: As an added peace of mind, Imperial Armour is backed by a LIFETIME warranty against leaking for residential customers.

Our flat roof systems are installed swiftly and efficiently by highly skilled, trained professionals . McCarthy Metal Roofing and Imperial Armour are two names your family can trust.

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