Oxford Metal Shingle for Roofs in North Carolina

Oxford Shingle Metal Roof

Oxford metal shingles are an excellent metal roof solution for any home or business. At McCarthy Metal Roofing, we carry extremely high-quality metal shingles for our customers in North Carolina. Oxford Shingle is a low-profile option that emulates the classic, clean look of architectural shingles or slate. The simple lines of Oxford Shingles add charm to virtually any style home. Choose from a variety of finish colors and enjoy not only the beauty, but also the added protection that comes with the baked-on Kynar/Hylar finish. 

Weather Tough but Gentle on the Planet

Utilizing tough and weather-resistant metal shingles on your home’s roof is very important. Heavy, interlocking aluminum panels are professionally installed on your home to create a barrier that’s impervious to the elements and stands up against the toughest of weather. Aluminum roofing materials are also completely rust-resistant, so you can rest easy knowing your home and family are protected.

Our high-quality shingles are made from up to 99% recycled aluminum, the majority of which is post-consumer. They’re designed to save you money with a Cool Coating that reflects radiant heat. This will ensure that the temperature inside your home stays consistent and that heat isn’t trapped within. Most installations are done directly over your existing roof, eliminating costly tear out expenses and the need for landfill disposal. Our experts at McCarthy Metal Roofing will work directly with you to provide unparalleled service when you’re selecting the best metal shingles for your home.

Featured Colors

We offer Oxford metal shingles in a variety of colors ranging from deep charcoal, pearl black, terra red, forest green, slate gray, mustang brown, and much more. Browse our selection below to find the right color for your home or business today.