Solar Panels for Metal Roofs

Make the last roof you ever buy solar panel ready.

Solar Panels for Metal Roofs

Have you considered installing a solar panel system in the future? It’s a helpful question to ask because, as solar panels evolve, they continue to become accessible additions for homeowners across the country. This sustainable energy system helps homes thrive in an eco-friendly way, which is a key reason it continues to be a prominent home addition today. However, with so many roofing materials on the market, you may not know which options work with solar panels.

After all, the roofing material you choose now can have a significant impact on the cost of your solar project. Solar ready roofing can save you time and money when you choose to install solar panels in the future. Plus, metal roofing is a long-lasting roof material, so taking its long-term applications into account early on will help you prepare in advance, ensuring a smooth transition.

Many consumers think that they must settle for a commercial-looking standing seam design if they want to buy solar panels for metal roofs, but this is a common misconception. McCarthy Metal Roofing offers a variety of designer solar ready roofing for homes throughout North Carolina, so you can choose a style that features the aesthetic appeal you’re looking for at home. With the right metal roofing, you can merge style and sustainability equally.

Not only are our solar shingles in Raleigh, NC, compatible with universal solar system mounts, but their heat-reflective coatings keep your rooftop cool. That way, you can bring sustainable energy to your household without compromising the roof’s reflective properties. These protective coatings allow your solar panels to function more efficiently, making the most out of the incoming sunlight every day. Contact McCarthy Metal Roofing when you want to begin discussing installing solar panels on metal roofs in North Carolina.

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