Protect Your North Carolina Home with a Metal Roof That’s Built to Last

Protect Your North Carolina Home with a Metal Roof That’s Built to Last

To understand why a metal roof is the best option for protecting your North Carolina home, we have to start with some basics. Let’s look at a key advantage of metal roofing vs. temporary roofing material (such as common asphalt shingles): a properly manufactured and installed metal roof is built to last.

One of the greatest benefits of many metal roofing systems is that the panels interlock with one another. They are not held together and held to the roof by just gravity or fasteners but the panels actually interlock one to the next, creating a continuous protective shield for the structure below.

However, this interlock can also be a downfall. If one panel becomes loose, perhaps due to improper fastening or wind uplift or physical abuse, that panel can start to move around. Once that panel starts to move around, the integrity of its interlock with any adjacent panels can become jeopardized. If this situation is not stopped, a domino effect can take place and many panels will be lost.

How do you avoid this?

Well, there are many factors but one very important one is the fastening at the bottom edge of the roof. This is what we call the eave of the roof. Many people will misspell that as “eve” which is something very different.

When you are selecting a metal roof for your home, make sure you understand how it is attached, fastened and connected at the eave. If the panels are not secure at the eave, they can easily be subject to wind uplift and even water infiltration. Some systems have panels that just rest on top of a drip edge at the eave.

Other panels can be installed that way or can be installed with an eave that the panels actually lock into. And other panels must be locked into the eave starter strip.

Making sure that your metal roof is securely fastened and locked in at the eave, to me, is pretty critical to getting what you’re seeking with your investment in a durable, lasting metal roof.

If you’d like more information on a permanent roofing system for your lake, mountain, urban or coastal North Carolina home, explore McCarthy Metal Roofing.